We’ve all done it: hired the wrong person or service provider and then had to live with the consequences of our hasty or ill-considered decision. The reason this happened is that we wanted to believe in the promises made to us at the time. We trusted the person or company to deliver what they said they would.  And when you’re talking about an SEO company, what you don’t know can really hurt you.

If you choose the wrong company for SEO help, you could wind up actually hurting your website ranking or even get penalized by Google for bad behavior. Yikes!

To help avoid this, remember these 5 mistakes you need to avoid when choosing an SEO company:

Falling for pretty presentations.

One thing marketing companies are pretty good at is marketing themselves. I meet lawyers all the time that were led astray by high tech pitches they didn’t really understand but were too embarrassed to show their lack of SEO knowledge. Next time, look past the bells and whistles and focus on the substance of the content. Take some time to research what you’re being promised to determine if it is attainable.

Making an SEO company choice based on price.

It’s kind of ironic that lawyers who hate being shopped on price will turn around and use price to make their determination on which SEO company to hire. What’s true for most everything in life is also true for SEO: you get what you pay for.

Failing to know it’s too good to be true.

You know how important it is for your law firm to be on the first page of Google results. You know that attracting new clients depends on a stellar online presence. This makes many people desperate enough to fall for promises that are too good to be true. There is nothing magical — no “secret sauce” — to developing a strong SEO program. You need goals, strategy, and execution to succeed. Your choice of an SEO service provider should come down to results. Don’t be afraid to press for a proven track record. Ask for references and talk to those references about their experience with the company and the results it delivered (or didn’t).

Choosing an SEO company based on location or personal relationship.

So your brother-in-law works for a local SEO company. You know him, you like him, you trust him. Should you hire him? Certainly not based on just that. The thing about SEO services is that it doesn’t matter where the company is located; a good one should be able to get results for you even if they are located in Phoenix and you practice in Peoria.

Failing to do your research.

It’s very important that you research any company with which you are about to enter into a business relationship. Look at their website. Read the case studies and testimonials. Talk to their clients. Read their reviews. And, critical for attorneys, ask about their experience with law firms. Do they understand the ethics rules you must abide by? It can get pretty messy if you have to switch SEO companies mid-stream; doing the proper research will help you avoid that.


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