According to Google Consumer Insights, consumers searching for products or services using the term “near me” has increased 900% in the past two years. This statistic alone highlights the importance of Local SEO services for law firms hoping to be found by consumers with a pressing need for legal help.

Unless it’s a highly specialized practice, a law firm is a local business. You likely draw clients from a very specific geographical region. Prospective clients want a lawyer “near me.” Ensuring you fulfill that need is the purpose of Local SEO.

There are many compelling reasons why law firms need to focus on Local SEO services; here are 7 of them:

  1. Funnel calls directly to your law firm.

When someone does a mobile search for “(type of) attorney,” Google will serve up listings according to the searcher’s location. Those results include a call button so the searcher can connect with a top-ranked law firm with one tap. This puts you directly in front of a prospective client at the exact time they need someone with your legal expertise.

  1. Puts your law firm on the map.

When Google displays a search results page, there is a map just below the ads. That map typically features three firms and you want to be one of those three. You can’t purchase this space directly, you need to earn it by deploying Local SEO practices like ensuring your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is displayed consistently everywhere on the Internet — websites, directories, social media, etc. Do you know where to look? Because an SEO professional does.

  1. Makes a law firm more competitive.

If any of your competitors are using Local SEO services — and you know they are — they can easily gain an important advantage if you are not. Their site will show up first in search results, and they will get the calls (and the clients).

  1. Gives a law firm wider visibility.

The Internet is everywhere — in your pocket, your car, your home, your office — and you need that broad reach to draw prospective clients. With Local SEO services, consumers can find you online. Without it, crickets.

  1. Creates a phone book in the pocket of consumers.

Phone books are obsolete because all the information a consumer needs today is online. And since more online searches are conducted on mobile devices these days, every smartphone is a powerful phone book in consumers’ pockets.

  1. Gets more visibility for law firm websites.

According to Google, a Google My Business listing that includes a website gets 25-35% more clicks. Local business listings also feature a Question and Answers section that allows you to add more detailed information to your listing by answering the most frequently asked questions from prospective clients.

  1. Expands exposure for your law firm reviews.

Reviews are the best currency on the Internet today, and you want to be able to share your good reviews far and wide. That’s because contemporary research shows that a majority of people trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from a friend. Having good Local SEO practices amplifies reviews so more prospective clients can be influenced to contact you.

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