With more than 22 years of experience heading up his own San Francisco-based digital media company, Kevin has been trusted by leading business and consumer brands to deliver compelling consumer experiences online.  His superpower is making complex elements of the Internet simple and easy to digest for both clients and their constituencies.  Kevin’s clients have described him as: “agile, bright and trustworthy,” “extremely knowledgeable and resourceful,” “at the forefront of all web and social media solutions,” and having a “strong sense of innovation and sheer savvy.”


Kevin helped create one of the world’s first online training programs as the Curriculum Director of San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program. He has taught, mentored, and encouraged new talent to realize their vision, and has contributed his time and expertise as a judge for the Web Marketing Association for more than 12 years.  He holds Google certifications in Advanced Analytics, Adwords Display, Adwords Mobile, and Adwords Search, as well as a CSMA Social Media Certification.


In both his professional and personal life, Kevin is all about growth.  He is a University of California Master Gardener and a certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper, noting that sometimes you have to step away from your devices and get your hands dirty to feel alive.