Lawyer Marketing: 4 Ways to Win Clients with Facebook Ads

Lawyer Marketing: 4 Ways to Win Clients with Facebook Ads

If you’ve hesitated to dip your legal marketing toe into Facebook advertising, you are missing a great opportunity to enhance your law firm’s brand power. Facebook ads are perfect for building awareness of your firm and the type of cases you accept. And unlike Google Ads, they won’t cost you $100 per click (legal keywords are extremely expensive on Google and Bing).

Here are four ways for lawyers to leverage Facebook Ads for lead generation and lead conversion:

  1. Retarget visitors to your law firm website/blog.

Visitors to your law firm website are the perfect targets for Facebook remarketing ads. You already know they are interested in your firm because they visited your website or blog. If they didn’t take advantage of any of your offers while on your site, they might just need a nudge to take that final step of contacting you.

This is when retargeting is almost magical!

Before you begin a campaign, you will need to set up the Facebook pixel and add it to your website. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy! Here’s the guide to do it.

You cannot create retargeting ads without a pixel. Creating it just takes a couple of clicks (Facebook Ads Manager does all the work) and then you or your IT person/website developer add the snippet of code generated by Facebook to your website and/or blog.

After that’s done, every person who visits a page on your website will be automatically added to an audience list. You will use this list for your retargeting ads. For example, you can track visitors who failed to click on your free eBook offer and retarget them with an ad containing the offer again. You can track visitors who visit a specific area of practice page and retarget them with an ad touting that service.

  1. Target prospects that share your ideal client characteristics.

You know what your ideal client looks like. And chances are that a lot of your current clients share similar demographics — age, income level, profession, etc. With Facebook’s Lookalike Audience tool, you can target a group of people who are exactly the same.

With the Lookalike Audience tool, you can market to everyone in your geographic area who share similar traits with those who already use your services or have expressed an interest in your firm. Facebook can even create a Lookalike Audience from your email list.

  1. Market your law firm blog content.

Your blog should already contain a wealth of information of interest to people looking for the type of legal services you provide. To get the most mileage from that content, you should be promoting it through Facebook Ads.

By providing conversational content — and face it, people spend so much time on Facebook to join in conversations, not to see lawyer advertising — you are providing something of value that creates trust and connection. So when people need what you provide, they will remember you.

  1. Use trending topics to your advantage.

More and more people are turning to Facebook for news and current events commentary, so take that curiosity and turn it to your advantage by creating Facebook Ads based on trending topics.

One of the beauties of Facebook Ads is that you can create them quickly and get them up and running while a topic is still hot.

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