Marketing on social media is tough these days. Law firms really need a mix of both organic and paid posts to attract an audience. If you are finding it hard to get followers to engage with your social media posts, try some of these proven psychology factors to boost your engagement:

Evoke emotion.

Social media posts that enjoy the most engagement are those that evoke an emotional response in people. Sharing inspirational stories or posting something humorous will make followers more likely to engage and share your posts. Even using emojis to evoke emotion has been proven to boost response.

Use reciprocity.

It’s human nature to want to reciprocate when someone does something nice for us. Offering a free report or eBook on social media increases the chances that your followers will reciprocate your generosity by liking, sharing, commenting, or fulfilling your call to action.

Tap into human curiosity.

Social media is a crowded space, so having posts that create curiosity makes it more likely that followers will be staying tuned to have their curiosity satisfied. “Teaser” posts or posts that ask a question with a link to the answer can motivate more engagement from your audience.

Create community.

People use social media to feel part of a community. As humans, we all have a desire to fit in and feel part of a family. You can create your own community on social media by hosting a Q&A session that answers questions from your audience, making them feel a part of your law firm’s online “family.” You can also encourage community by replying to comments to your posts from followers, and posting reviews from happy clients on your social media pages.

Leverage FOMO.

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” It’s probably one of the biggest reasons people flock to social media; they don’t want to miss out on whatever is going on in their circle. Posts that capitalize on the fear of missing out tend to trend better than simple informational posts. Another way to leverage FOMO is to create a closed (members only) Facebook group that provides valuable tips and advice and let people know what they will be missing if they don’t join the group.

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