Top Growth Law Firm Partners Share Their Secrets of Success

2020 has not turned out to be like anything any of us could have predicted.  Law firms are stressed — either from scant new business leads or too many leads to count, depending on your practice area —  and you need to get smart fast on the law firm marketing strategies that are working right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have made the decision to move forward with the Rainmaker Retreat®, our in-person law firm marketing event scheduled for mid-August.

We have clients and previous Rainmaker Retreat attendees who had solid marketing strategies in place and thrived during this crisis.

Their firms had a steady flow of leads and they understood what it takes to get more clients.


  • They acted fast.
  • They did not allow themselves to be overcome by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
  • They recognized that what worked for them before this crisis hit would NOT work anymore.
  • And instead of hunkering down, they actually doubled down on their marketing efforts.
  • They became even more targeted, more focused, more determined to grab market share from their competitors.

What You’ll Learn at a Rainmaker Retreat®

The Rainmaker Retreat is an intensive two-day legal marketing training session where we share with you over 65 proven strategies to grow and market your law firm. You literally walk out after two days with a custom marketing action plan for your law firm that you can start implementing right away.

We go through eight powerful sessions in two days. It is information-packed and you get a 70-page workbook that we go through with you over those two days.

Rainmaker Retreat Day 1

In our first session, you learn how to achieve expert status as an attorney, how to identify your target market, five proven strategies to position yourself as a specialist, how to position yourself as the go-to attorney, why failing to define your target market will cost you big, and step-by-step instructions on how to create your ideal target market. We do a breakout session and individual coaching to help you define who your perfect client is.

In the 2nd session, you learn how to create a unique competitive advantage for your law firm, how to micromanage the client experience which increases your client retention and your referrals so you can have a stream of qualified leads that are coming in, special touches that can wow the client, how to use the Internet to find more referrals, how to build collateral to take the client through the firm’s process, how to automate your follow-up and fix your follow-up and seven strategies to strategically improve the client experience.

In the 3rd session that first day, you learn how to build a strategic referral-based law firm, three powerful strategies to foster mutually beneficial relationships with referral sources, seven best practices for building referral partnerships, the number one reason why attorneys don’t receive more referrals and how to overcome that. We give you powerful methods to land more referrals.

In the 4th session, you learn the law of seven touches. It’s the whole concept of out of sight is out of mind, how to use some very practical techniques and easy, low-cost strategies to stay at the top of the buyer’s mind so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re the first and the only person that they think of, how to build a database, and the power of email marketing.

Rainmaker Retreat Day 2

In the 5th session, you learn the nuts and bolts of lead conversion, turning more browsers into buyers at every stage of the conversion process. We talk about the five stages of lead conversion. We talk about 12 keys to signing up more people during the initial consultation, how to turn more prospects into appointments, and cutting-edge lead conversion strategies.

In the 6th session, you learn to unlock the secrets of social media, how to build a massive platform with a strong online presence whether you’re business-to-business or business-to-consumer, how to use social media to build your list to develop new business. We talk about using Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Google and YouTube to get more leads on a consistent basis, and how to leverage social media.

In the 7th session, you learn about advanced Internet marketing strategies, the five top ways to get to the top of Google, how to drive more traffic to your website, and how to convert more of that website browsers and turn them into prospects.

We end the second day with the 8th session, which is your law firm marketing plan, the most important session to set your firm up for success. We help you identify what should you start with to make the biggest difference to your bottom line right away.

People have compared our Rainmaker Retreat to a mini-MBA in marketing for law firms. They say it’s kind of like drinking from a fire hose. You will come away with lots and lots of practical strategies, and then we’ll help you put it all together at the end of the day in a game plan that you can implement upon your return.

Since March, many law firms have been directly impacted due to COVID-19… some more than others. Never before have we seen so many attorneys making serious marketing mistakes — nor have we ever seen so many opportunities to grow your law firm!

Attending a Rainmaker Retreat® will open your eyes to all the opportunities for your law firm in this crisis. To see if you’re making any serious marketing mistakes, click below for the free eBook to learn how to avoid these:

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