• How to drive your revenues to an entirely new level. In fact, many attorneys who have implemented our proven methods of success doubled their revenues within 12-24 months.
  • What would doubling revenues mean for your law firm?
  • It’s not about increasing your ad spend. It’s everything they didn’t teach you in law school about building a successful practice.

Watch this 30 second video and you’ll understand why you do the lawyering and we do the marketing.

If this sounds like you then you are ready for the Rainmaker Retreat.

If you are like many attorneys I know, you have been practicing a while, and your law firm is doing pretty well; but you go to sleep at night with this uneasy feeling that you should be making a lot more money by now and achieving a level of success that still seems to elude you.

Are your revenues flat? You’re doing well but revenues have been in neutral for the last few years? Are your revenues and profits falling faster than you want to admit, and are you finding it harder to land qualified clients? Is your overhead  the same, but with revenues being flat, or even down, are you taking home less now than ever before? If your career isn’t happening the way you laid it out, the way you thought it would be when you went through law school and then when you opened up your own law firm, it’s time to make a change.

You realize this and you’re ready to take action… but you know you need the right plan.

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The Nation’s Largest Law Firm Marketing Company


Here is just a small sample of the actionable methods you will learn at the Rainmaker Retreat:

  • Specific strategies highly successful attorneys are using right now on the internet and with social media to attract hundreds of people to their websites and blogs every month, convert them to paying clients, and keep them coming back and sending a steady stream of referrals!
  • Dozens of ways to drastically reduce the cost of your marketing campaigns and still get more clients than you might believe possible.
  • How to implement low cost marketing tools and systems that let you control your practice – instead of your practice controlling you!


At The Rainmaker Institute, we have worked with and trained over 18,000 attorneys all across the country, the majority of which are just like you – attorneys who own and manage a small & medium sized law firm. We understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. Not only are you the lawyer, but you are also the ‘marketing department,’ the bookkeeper, and the human resources manager. Like most attorneys we know, you didn’t go to law school to become a marketing guru or an expert at operating a business! We get it.

But a business is what you have and if you don’t place enough emphasis on marketing and business development you will not have any clients to practice law on. You may have found yourself in private practice, running a business but without a road map. The Rainmaker Retreat will help to level the playing field and allow you to compete against and consistently win clients away from larger firms with huge advertising budgets!

Join us and discover the secrets of building the practice of your dreams and take back control of your life and your law firm

There are others who claim they can help you, but no one else has the experience and expertise gained from training, coaching, mentoring and consulting with over 18,000 attorneys nationwide and shown them how to achieve a level of success they thought would take years.

No one else has a national reputation as a Master Law Firm Marketing Expert whose seminars and workshops have been sponsored by 35 of the largest State and local Bar Associations. Yes, I know there are attorneys out there who offer legal marketing workshops, but almost all of them also run a law firm full time.

So how much time can they truly devote to maintaining an expertise in law firm marketing? Sure, they can give you lots of examples of how “they” do it and if you follow “their” system you too can have a practice like them.

And if your personality, your practice, and your target market is exactly like “theirs,” it may just work – but more often than not the attorneys coming out of their legal marketing workshops all seem to follow the exact same “cookie cutter attorney marketing plan” of “write a book and become a published author. Then offer a free copy to all your website visitors.”

Seriously? I’ve written 12 books, including 2 best-sellers, and if your best marketing idea for attorneys is “write a book,” I can tell you from experience it’s a lot of work for very little ROI. It doesn’t even make my top 20 list of best marketing tips for lawyers! At the Rainmaker Retreat we understand these “cookie cutter attorney marketing plans” only work for a very small group of attorneys.

I’m going to pull back the curtain and teach you how hundreds of my top clients have gone from having a good six figure practice to a fantastic 7 figure practice, from working every day and every weekend, to taking 3 to 4 months of first class vacations every year, of going from making a 6 figure income to consistently having a Net Operating Income of 7 figures.

A Little Skeptical? Good!

So was almost every other attorney who has ever attended our Rainmaker Retreat! They may have been skeptical before they came, but they left believers! I intentionally limit the number of people who attend the Rainmaker Retreat. This is no ‘mega-seminar’ with hundreds of people and a new sales pitch every hour. The number of attendees is kept at a level that allows each attorney to receive individual attention in an intimate setting.

You will leave with a complete written Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that you will be eager to get going the first day back in your office.

Look, we know that you are concerned about investing money and time in a 2 day legal marketing program that sounds like a lot of hype and over-promises and under delivers. That’s why I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If after the first day, you feel that you haven’t received value more than equal to what you have paid to attend, just let us know and you will receive a full refund – no questions asked. I invite you to check us out online.

Visit our websites, find us on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and read the hundreds of testimonials from attorneys just like you, and watch dozens of video testimonials from successful lawyers who have attended the Rainmaker Retreat.

Also, find out why 35 of the largest State and local Bar Associations have sponsored our events. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by attending!

The Nation’s Largest Law Firm Marketing Company

Stephen Fairley Founder & CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, LLC
The Nation’s Largest Law Firm Marketing Company
Specializing in small law firms and mid-size practices