The Clio 2019 Legal Trends Report is out and it’s an eye-opener, especially for firms investing heavily in lawyer marketing but not seeing the results they want. Actually, it’s a clear validation of what The Rainmaker Institute has been doing over the past few years to illustrate exactly how lawyers are failing at lawyer marketing.

Just as we’ve done, Clio contacted 1,000 law firms via email and 500 firms by phone to “secret shop” these law firms. They also surveyed 2,000 consumers who recently needed an attorney as well as 2,507 legal professionals.

First, let’s take a look at what potential clients say is important to them:

Now let’s look at how the law firms in the secret shopper survey (family, criminal, bankruptcy, employment, and business firms) performed against these client expectations:

Obviously there is a HUGE disconnect between what clients want and what lawyers are delivering. For law firms that perform well to client expectations, the upside for new client acquisition is enormous!

The good news is that this is failure that can be fixed.

And the fastest way to fix it is to attend a Rainmaker Retreat. Why? Because we teach lawyers proven strategies to meet or exceed client expectations.

First, we secret-shop every lawyer who attends a Retreat and provide you with a scorecard of how you performed. A majority of our attendees find this exercise to be somewhat painful but always enlightening.

But that’s just the tip of the lawyer marketing iceberg because over the two-day seminar (always on a Friday-Saturday):

  • You will discover over 65 different marketing techniques that are proven to work in the real world environment of a fast-moving law firm. Only practical techniques will be discussed here. We leave the theory for the classroom.
  • You will know the 5 critical numbers you need to be tracking in your law firm and how to measure your return on investment (ROI) for all your marketing efforts.
  • You will understand the core concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing for attorneys and how to create a dominant position on the internet.
  • You will study specific tools to automate your marketing system and “fix your follow-up” to increase your conversion rates from prospects to paying clients.
  • You will be introduced to several advanced Internet marketing strategies for lawyers.
  • You will leave with a Rainmaker Social Media Blueprint to help you fully leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Avvo, and online directories to drive new leads to your law firm.
  • You will learn from dozens of real-world case studies of how attorneys have gone from a good 6 figure practice to a great “7-Figure Lifestyle® Law Firm.”
  • You will learn how to focus your money on the most effective marketing strategies based on your specific practice area.
  • You will learn how to better select, train and motivate your partners and staff to do Rainmaking activities.
  • You will learn where you can ‘cut the fat’ and reduce your costs by eliminating ineffective marketing strategies.
  • You will create a written Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that will guide your law firm’s efforts and provide specific goals for your team to achieve in the next 6 months.
  • You will have a realistic idea of how much money it will take to effectively market your law firm.
  • You will start building a network of other attorneys across the country that are dedicated to building a 7-figure lifestyle law firm.
  • You will understand how to utilize the 7 Rainmaker tools for generating more referrals and repeat business from current and former clients.

We are so confident you will love the Rainmaker Retreat that we offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee! If you don’t believe you have already received your money’s worth after the first day, simply tell one of the staff, return your 70-page workbook and the CD set you received, and we will issue you a 100% refund.

Upcoming retreats are booking up fast. Book early and receive the benefit of a 30% discount!





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