What Should You Focus on for Lawyer Marketing in 2020?

What Should You Focus on for Lawyer Marketing in 2020?

Competition is fierce when it comes to lawyer marketing and it can be difficult for attorneys to settle on the areas that deserve your focus and investment. You want to maximize your law firm marketing budget to achieve a good ROI in three critical areas for law firms: lead generation, lead conversion, and client retention. To do that, you should be focusing on these six things:

Zero in on your target market.

Not only can’t you be all things to all people — you don’t want to! If you think about it, you are probably already taking cases based on some criteria — the size or type of case where you can succeed and get paid what you’re worth. You want to take on work that fulfills you and fills your coffers, so look at your client list and see who makes that possible. Then start working to attract those types of clients by publishing content that your target market finds engaging and useful — on your website, blog, eBooks, infographics, and videos.

Deploy SEO best practices in lawyer marketing.

By now you know the #1 goal for your website is to be on the first page of Google search results. You don’t get there by accident. There are a number of very specific tactics you must execute to push your site up in search results and as an attorney, you are probably not qualified to do it yourself. Find a good SEO company, ask them to lay out a plan for your site, and then be sure you get monthly reports to track your progress.

Use social media to build awareness.

Social media works best for law firms that know how to use the various platforms to build awareness about their firms — their practice areas, their people, their commitment to the community. All this helps build trust so that when someone who has engaged with your posts needs a lawyer, they remember you. Choose the platforms where your target market is most likely to be found.

Build a lawyer marketing video library.

Video is one of the best tools for lawyer marketing as it serves a dual purpose; optimized properly, video is great for SEO and will help improve your ranking in search engine results. In addition, video delivers more web traffic to your site and has a greater potential to be shared than other types of content. Then there’s the human factor: video gives prospects a feel for what it would be like to work with you and helps you build trust. Video works great on social media, too, for building brand recognition for your firm.

Answer questions.

One of the most visited pages on a law firm website is the FAQ page because people are looking for answers to their specific questions. You probably already know 90% of the questions a prospect is likely to ask. Making a list of these questions and providing answers in an FAQ section on your website not only helps your SEO, but it is also essential for optimizing your site for voice search. Be sure you are answering the questions that are directly related to the practice areas you want to rank for in search.

Focus on lead conversion.

For many law firms, the problem is not generating leads, it’s converting existing leads into clients. Even a small increase in a law firm’s conversion rate can make a significant difference in revenue. Focusing on lead conversion means having an automated system that follows up with prospects every step of the way, taking them on a journey from the initial call to the consultation to signing on the dotted line. It’s a system that doesn’t rely on an attorney or paralegal for follow-up so prospects don’t fall through the cracks. According to a majority of Rainmaker clients, our Lead Conversion System is the #1 reason they are booking more appointments and signing more clients than ever before.

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